Love Letters to the Ocean

Love Letters to the Ocean



Katie Keough
love letters to the ocean, 2017.
Acrylic & Resin
20 x 20

Here is the last piece I finished before leaving Vancouver, it was my first test with resin and I loved every second of it. Wearing a gas mask up on my roof, escaping the city. I began and completed this piece the weekend a family friend passed away. His death was shocking and hit everyone like a ton of bricks, all too eerily similar to my Uncle, his best friend's passing. Mike was a real friend to us when we needed him most and this world is a much lonelier place without him in it. It's extremely hard to process tragic deaths of people who die so young, when words fail me art speaks a language to my heart that tells me to keep moving.


Most of my work reflects the Pacific Ocean that has fed and bred me, from my grandmother's Native Fiji to my birth land of British Columbia. When the air and land were no longer enough, when my heart couldn't contain any more of earth's polluted pain. The ocean saved me. Welcoming me back home like a mother's womb. I once feared drowning, but through waves of grief I began to welcome the idea. The ocean represents a calmness beyond anything I could truly articulate. A space for renewal, for cleansing. 

                -  love letters to the ocean 

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