art therapy - process, healing arts workshops

Through the process of art therapy, I began to heal the wounds my brain wouldn’t allow me to visit; yet my body carried with me through 23 years of life. After the death of a close relative, I waded through a dark and lifeless existence. Feeling such a grave emptiness brought me closer to the core of my true feelings, who was I when no one else was around? Who did I want to be? What did I want to feel? How did I want my life to unfold before me? I was tired of feeling the emptiness and hopelessness of emotional despair, I decided to look up from the rubble of my life and reach out my hand for help.

What that looked like for me, was a paintbrush. I had never painted before, aside from my Pollock inspired fingerpainting days, yet here I was; raw, broken open, stripped of my need for external validation and fears of over looming self doubt. What I was left with was a soulful remedy to the pains my body was enduring, a chance for reprieve, a chance for renewal. Experiencing art therapy, academically and as an active participant, has strengthened my belief in its incredible power to aid in emoptional expression; specifically in clients who are experiencing grief and traumatic events. By utilizing it as a tool in my active recovery; I work to reframe my grief as an opportunity to connect with others and aid them in their own healing journeys.