Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, I have always felt a deep connection to the West Coast landscape and my work heavily reflects that narrative. I never truly thought of myself as an artist until I began using art as a tool for survival in my journey through grief. After the death of a close relative, I forged my path as an artist through my experiences with art therapy and abstract expressionism. It wasn't until grief had consumed my soul that I was able to put brush to canvas and it truly saved my life in every way.


My first series, '5 Stages of Grief', explores the painstaking realities of grief in relation to Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross' work. Featured in the BC Psychological Association's Piece of Mind Project, it embodied the spirit of my entrance into art as a means of healing and the message my work aims to deliver. My work heavily explores the grittiness of mental illness, focusing on anxiety and depression. The other facet explores the deep vulnerabilities of humanity from my journey with grief, to my experiences as a mixed race woman of colour. By sharing my story through art, I aim to encourage those who are suffering to find meaningful ways to release their pain.


My name is Katie Keough, I am an interdisciplinary artist exploring various mediums through the framework of art therapy. I have completed a Bachelor of Arts in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies and in Counseling Psychology from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. I am currently working in the creative industry, while preparing to complete my Masters of Counseling Psychology in Art Therapy. I split my time living and working between Vancouver, London and Milan as an Artist, Model and Writer. I have a passion for dance, opera, performance art and movement in general; the focus of my next series examining body rhythms in relation to emotional distress. Check out my performative work ‘Dance of Grief’ in Milan, July 2019.